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"Inclusive Education is defined as one that meets the needs of all learners, whatever their gender, life circumstances, health, disability, stage of development, capacity to learn, level of achievement, financial or any other circumstances. No child is excluded form education. The country believes that in an inclusive education system, a school place must be provided for every child of school age and barriers must be removed so that all children attend school unless there are exceptional reasons for their formal exemption from attendance.

The idea is to develop an inclusive education system that enables all children and young people to learn effectively, wherever possible, in mainstream pre-school, schools, colleges and universities with appropriate teaching and support so that their individual needs are met. Special schools will continue to cater for the severe cases keeping in mind that they are fully equipped and have all the necessary facilities and qualified staff to offer support in the most professional manner. The curriculum and teaching methods used in every class in every school should take into account the different abilities of the children recognizing that children with or without any disadvantages that are in the same class have different levels of ability and different support needs."

Ministry of Education
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The Development of Education. National Report of The Kingdom of Swaziland
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