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"According to a more moderate meaning, inclusion differs from integration. It is more than simply accepting children with special needs in a mainstream classroom. Acceptance in itself is a far easier process that does not require changes in the system. But, in order to achieve inclusion, radical changes are needed. These changes usually start with amendments in the legal framework on education and are followed by the collective commitment of education authorities and school administrations to increase the participation of all students in educative programs; to ensure sufficient support services, qualified personnel, teachers with the appropriate training, and above all to create a welcoming and safe schooling climate. ... Such a school cultivates the culture of cooperation, care and mutual respect. The guiding idea of this school is that differences and diversity amidst students cannot be viewed any more as obstacles to development and to the education of students, but as qualities to be treated with priority allowing thus each student, including those with special needs (physical, mental, social and emotional) to develop their abilities beside their peers. Under this light, inclusive education is considered the most favorable means to create equal education possibilities for all children, with or without disabilities, and to avoid discriminating attitudes against children with special needs and to bring out the personal qualities of each student, much needed in an emancipated society, facilitating thus their social integration as future adults. Apart from the educational benefits, inclusive education has a lower cost for the human society."
Koka, Zela; Haxhiymeri, Valentina; Flagler, Marita Nika; Bezati, Fatmir
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Rrsearch Report On the Effective Implementation of the Legal Framework Guaranteeing the Education of Disabled Children Under the Inclusive Education
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